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Natraja butter polish

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Brass ganesha musician:

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Brass Natraj: gold polish

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Medium: Brass, Bronze



Size : 23 inch length, 6 inch wide, 27 inch in height.

Made In : Brass metal with Hand carving


Finish : Yellow Antique


Color : Yellow


Weight : 16.800 kilogram


Size : 23 inch length, 6 inch wide, 27 inch in height.


Condition: New Excellent


Made in INDIA


Natraja is the depiction of the Tamil mythology Shaiva Siddhanta, as the cosmic ecstatic dancer. The sculpture is symbolic of Shiva as the lord of dance and dramatic arts. It typically shows Shiva dancing in one of the Natya Shastra poses, holding Agni or fire in his left back hand, the front hand in gajahasta or dandahasta mudra, the front right hand with a wrapped snake that is in abhaya (fearless) mudra while pointing to a Sutra text, and the back hand holding a traditional musical instrument. The dynamism of the energetic dance is depicted with the whirling hair which spread out in thin strands as a fan behind his head. This form of dance of Lord Shiva is called the tandavam.


Enhance the decor value of the temple, house, office, hotel. Great for gifting during weddings, anniversaries, house warming ceremonies, venture, award ceremonies.


“As these items are hand finished so little bit difference can be expected”

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Nataraja Statue, Natraj Statue, Dancing Shiva Statue, 27” Big Size Brass Lord Shiva Natraja Sculpture, Shiv Nataraj Figurine, lord of Dance.

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